New High Mount Zeta-S HM Luminaires

Posted on 29 Nov 2010

Following its continuing success Solite have extended their "Zeta" range of walk-on recessed luminaires to include the new Zeta-S HM high mount version.

The Zeta-S HM is designed for use in clean production areas with high ceilings where luminaires require servicing from above. Provides an LOR in excess of 60% with high performance internal reflectors which are available in both wide and narrow beam configurations.

Solite recently installed the Zeta-S HM 41T4/54W T5 (4 lamp 54W T5) in a large aircraft wing manufacturing facility in the UK (pictured above). The ceiling height of this facility was 8.0 meters so the Zeta-S HM was the perfect choice. For more information please view our Zeta-S HM PDF.