The Healthcare Lighting Challenge

The diversity of the healthcare environment makes lighting a complex challenge. In summary, healthcare lighting must take into account the needs of the following:

Appropriate lighting design along with the correct selection of luminaires is essential to provide an environment that will aid the recovery of a patient.

The correct ambience can affect mood and perception as well as enabling critical chemical reactions in the body. The design of luminaires also needs to take into account infection control, whether minimising horizontal surfaces to reduce dust collection, or for ease of maintenance and cleaning.

Healthcare organisations are committed to being leading sustainable and low carbon organisations. NHS organisations specifically have Government set targets for carbon reduction and an additional financial imperative in the form of the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme. It is not just an environmental and financial necessity for healthcare providers to reduce carbon emissions, but also to work with suppliers who have strong sustainability credentials.

The use of energy efficient lighting can play a large role in reducing energy costs as typically lighting can account for over 35% of the electricity used in a typical hospital*. With UK energy inflation the highest in the EU**, energy costs are going to be a major challenge for healthcare providers over the next decade, highlighting the importance of evaluating lighting projects on a whole life cost basis.

* The Carbon Trust, June 2010

** Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), June 2013

Lighting must enable the performance of visual tasks by hospital staff, from examination to night-time observation. The correct lighting can also enhance the well-being of staff, and help staff appreciate their workplace.

Lighting must contribute to an overall ambience of comfort, safety and reassurance for visitors. It can also help to encourage positive feelings from their visit.

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