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Case Studies

Piramal Healthcare

Grangemouth, UK

Piramal are a pharmaceutical Multi-Product manufacturer with ISO 7 processing, ISO 5 filling and containment category 4 areas. The project was to upgrade existing cleanrooms so they could process products that are sensitive to UV and blue light sources - a UV secure area. The rooms would also be used to manufacture non UV sensitive products.

To provide luminaires for a cleanroom environment that would fit into existing ceiling appertures created for older fluorescent luminaires, and also maintain the integrity of the cleanroom. We also were required to provide a luminaire with both white LEDs and green LEDs. This would enable a low uv output when the room was being used for UV sensitive processess and a standard white light when UV protection was not required. There were two types of ceilings in the area, with one of them being walk on requiring luminaires that could be maintained from above the ceiling.

For the front access luminaires we engineered a variant of Tau LED 1200mm x 600mm luminaire to fit the existing apertures. Solite are able to deliver this type of solution because we design and manufacture everything in our UK based factory. We fitted the luminaire with a circuit of green 620nm LEDs and a circuit of white 4000k LEDs - both on separate drivers. For the walk on ceilings we supplied ZETA LED luminaires, again to fit existing apertures and fitted with the same dual colour LEDs.

Solar Panel Manufacturer

Wroclaw, Poland

500 m² Modular Hybrid Cleanroom comprising of five rooms each with ISO Class 8 classification. The cleanroom has five main solar panel processing rooms, one of which is UV secure. The facility is designed for manufacturing solar PV panels and electronics.

To provide a lighting solution that integrates with the Octonorm extruded grid ceiling and also provide luminaires that block both visible blue light and non visible UV below 500nm. Solar PV panels use a photosensitive substrate that can be damaged when exposed to light below 500 nm.

BETA LED luminaire that is designed to fit extruded aluminium grid ceiling systems used in microelectronic manufacturing. We provided an LED luminaire that only emits light above 500 nm. These luminaires generally a yellow light. We also provided white light versions of the luminaires for the non UV secure rooms.

Eastern Hampshire Police Investigation Centre

Portsmouth, UK

Designed to the new Police standards, the Eastern Police Investigation Centre in Hilsea, Portsmouth will enable effective and efficient operational policing which meets the needs of the people it serves in the East of Hampshire.

This new build project included for the wall to wall installation of NOMS approved Solite Shield Cornice systems in the cells. The cornice is Ministry of Justice Estates approved to NOMS STD/E/SPEC 022 safer cells. luminaires, camera housings, ventilation and fire aspiration infills were all incorporated, offering a truly flexible installation, tailored to the customers’ requirements.

In addition to the low glare Night Light feature, Shield Cornice luminaires are also available with Light Saving Modules which include an integral sensor to monitor the ambient light in the cell and control the output to the correct level.

WuXi Biologics

Dundalk, Ireland

Chinese pharmaceutical firm WuXi Biologics are a global open-access biologics technology platform company. WuXi Biologics have commenced developing a purpose-built facility at the IDA’s 26-hectare site at Mullagharlin in Dundalk, Ireland. WuXi’s facility has been described as the ‘Factory of the Future’ by Ireland’s Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and is the first sizable greenfield project from China in the Irish pharmaceutical sector.

Solite have worked closely with Ardmac, cleanroom specialist contractor, to provide LED lighting solutions that integrate into cleanroom for the project. The Solite luminaires have been specifically tailored and manufactured to integrate into the cleanroom ceiling system on site. The key factors for the product include, efficacy, quick installation time, aesthetics and cost. We were also pleased to provide extensive lighting design support to allow the most effective and efficient lighting for all areas across the 15,000 m2 of cleanroom footprint.

The light engine in the luminaires is based on our Evo RA


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